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  Extruded Profile Belts for the ADR (Automatic Defect Removal Machines)

Precision Injection, Inc is pleased to offer its Channel and Square profiles for the potato processing industry.
Our extruded profiles are made in the USA with state-of-the-art PU resins.

Available in cut lengths or made endless to size.


Material Type
Temperature Range
Minimum Pulley Diameter
Coefficient of Friction
85 shore A
-15F -  150F  (-26C - 66C)
4.5 in.  (114.3 mm)
.4 - .6
French fry inspection

Thermoplastic Belting Program

Precision Injection, INC is pleased to offer its full line of thermoplastic belting products. These products are manufactured in the USA and are designed to meet our customer's needs.

Polyflex Thermoplastic Belting

Polyflex Thermoplastic Belting

  • 3A Dairy & USDA approved
  • No fabric eliminates strings
  • Resists bacteria contamination
  • Excellent for:
    • Product transfers
    • Incline conveyors
    • Wash-down conditions
Polyflex Thermoplastic Belting
Extruded Profiles Extruded Profiles
  • Square & Channel Potato Profiles
  • Rounthane  & Veethane Belting
  • Hollow Round Belting
  • Ruffthane Textured Round Belting
  • Reinforced Round & Vee Belting
  • Can Cable
  • ALR Driver Pads
Extruded Profiles
Monofilament Belting Monofilament Belting
  • Polyurethane, PVC, & Silicone belting
  • Smooth covers, fabric top, & impression covers
  • Available endless or with open ends
  • Excellent for:
    • Food processing
    • Product slicers, shredders, dicers
    • Food processing


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